CH Series


The G series range is a mid-wall split unit consisting of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit (condenser). This product sports a sleek and elegant indoor design and features heating and cooling functions with a soft start-up and quiet operation. With an eco-friendly design, it facilitates for easy cleaning and contains an environmentally friendly refrigerant i.e R410A gas.

Auto Protection

The Alaska Auto Protection Function displays any errors detected by the PCB on the LED screen for ease of fault diagnosis / service and the appropriate self protection function is enabled.

Quiet Operation

Alaska indoor and outdoor units have been specifically designed to reduce noise during operation by utilizing the latest state of the art motor design, fan blade, Compressor and insulation technologies.

Energy Saving

The soft starter is designed to reduce start up current draw reducing energy consumption and improves overall performance and efficiency.

Strong Cooling

A state of the art motor design and Compressor technologies from highly reputable suppliers in the construction of Alaska air conditioners delivering the very best value for money, performance and efficiency.

Easy Cleaning

An easy disassembly of the filters and facia panel assembly for ease of cleaning and reassembly, keeping the appearance and functionally and performance of your air conditioner at its optimum.


0% Tolerance for EER and Capacity Technical Specifications
Model 36000BTU
Climate type T1
Indoor unit 1100
Outdoor Unit W28
Power supply Ph-V-Hz 1Ph-220~240V-50Hz
Type Cooling-Heating
Power Supply Mode alternating current
Control type Remote Controller
Cooling Capacity W/h 9143
Power Input W 3027
Rated Current A 9.93
EER W/W 3.02
Heating Capacity W/h 9600
Power Input W 2857
Rated Current A 9.54
COP W/W 3.36
Compressor Model PA270G2CS-4MU1
Brand GMCC
Indoor unit Indoor fan motor Model RPG45
Brand Welling/Tongde
Capacitor uF 3
Motor speed (TU/Hi/Mi RPM 1280
Indoor air flow m3/h 1200
Noise level dB(A) 52
Unit dimension (W*H*D) mm 1100x325x252
Packing (W*H*D) mm 1190x420x325
Outdoor unit Outdo or fan motor Model YDK68-6E/Y6S696C520
Brand Welling/Broad-ocean
Capacitor uF 4
Motor speed Rpm 880
Noise level dB(A) 59
Refrigerant type R410A
Unit dimension (W*H*D) mm 860*720*320
Packing (W*H*D) mm 1015*775*445
Refrigerant pipe Liquid side mm 9.52
Gas side mm 15.88
Max. refrigerant pipe length m 15
Max. difference in level m 8
1*40HQ sets 133