Spares and Accessories


Stockist of all spare parts from remotes and PC Boards to compressors and motors for all ranges of ALASKA Airconditioners as well as accessories used by technicians for installations and repairs, ranging from copper rolls to PC Boards and everything in between.


 Airconditioner canter lever bracket sets specially made for outdoor units of arconditioners. The arms are hot dip galvanised slotted brackets. Available in 450mm and 550mm for airconditioner sizes from 9000btu to 36000btu.

  Standard soft drawn copper pancake coils used in the installation of all air conditioners from 9000btu up to 60000btu ranging from ¼ inch up to ¾ inch and works with both R22 as well as R410a gasses.

  Metallized polypropylene film non-inductive roller structure improves performance of the capacitor and makes it durable. Reliable insulation performance and excellent electrical properties in an explosion proof device. Perfect for start up and operation of all single phase motors and compressors with a frequency of 50-60Hz. A range of sizes available from 25uF to 60uF.

 Metallized polypropylene film structure improves performance of the product and makes it durable. Reliable insulation performance with excellent electrical properties in a safe explosion-proof devices. With its heat resisting, low leakage, low loss and low impedance properties, it makes for the most reliable replacement parts. Perfect for holding current with good impact resistance and has a strong overload ability. A rage of sizes from 2.5uF to 5uF.

  Increase the functionality in your home with this infra-red air conditioner remote control. With over 500 channels, this ingenious remote can be easily programmed to work with nearly all air conditioning units with simple step-by-step instructions without losing any of the original functions of the unit itself. This functional remote has an “auto-search” feature for ultra-quick setup and its large internal capacity has a highly accurate clock display with an on/off timer. With a controllable distance of up to 8 metres, you can control the air conditioning units throughout your home with the touch of a button without paying an arm and a leg to replace the original. 

 With 5 Working Modes, 3 Fan Speed Accurate and Stable Temperature Control this Universal board is the best for non-inverter fixed speed units ranging from 9000btu to 36000btu. It boasts an accurate and stable Auto Fan and Auto-restart Function. It has dual Sensors, ON/OFF Timer, Sleep Function and the outdoor fan is Controlled Independently. With an updated receiver and transformer, it makes for a more reliable option in the case of the original being damaged

 Armor flex is insulation tubing for copper piping. It is an elastomeric nitrile closed cell foamed insulation engineered and designed specifically to control condensation in copper piping on airconditioners and refrigeration equipment. Service temperature is a maximum 110 °C for and minimum -50 °C for copper refrigerant piping. Armor flex is made with Ozone friendly and corrosion resistance materials.

 White self-adhesive coiled PVC trunking supplied in a dispenser box as a flat coil, with dimensions 100×40 in 3m length, ideal for most types of electrical installations. The trunking can be easily cut to the required length reducing waste and the necessity for excess joints and couplers. It is fixed to the required surface in a flat form and the sides are then folded up and the lid clipped into place.

 Conduit is a type of tubing that you can feed your cable through, it can be made up of plastic, fibre or metal. Electrical conduit can provide the structure, cable protection and support for the cable you run through it. Electrical conduit is a safe and tidy solution when installing single or bunched cable together.
Cable conduit is the perfect solution to support the installation of electrical cable, running cable underground, through walls or when cabling needs protection in an exposed area. Available in 20mm, 4m lengths.

 Cable ties are plastic straps that come in various sizes. It is used to bundle up wiring in the installation of air conditioners, as well as all other electrical applications.